What we do

BrandHouse Design are known for our strategic expertise and skills in creating compelling visual identities, effective packaging design and memorable brand names. We understand our clients’ challenges and we strive to deliver strategically sound solutions that creates good business results!

  • Strategy

    Naming & tag-lines
    Brand strategy
    Research & insight

  • Packaging
    and retail

    Product branding
    Concept development
    Packaging design
    In-store material

  • Corporate

    Logo & visual identity
    Design guidelines
    Web design
    Interface design
    Retail solutions

  • Illustration
    & Motion Graphics


Selection of clients

History No other Norwegian design agency has existed longer than BrandHouse Design!

BrandHouse Design is a branding agency with competence and experience that few other Norwegian agencies can match. We serve clients in all types of businesses, and our philosophy is meaningful design: we aim to give our clients sound business results by offering strategically based solutions.

Our history is unique, at least in a Norwegian context, and dates back to 1966 when our owner, Carl Tørris Christensen, together with business parter Leif Frimann Anisdahl, established the first design agency in the country. The agency was called Anisdahl/Christensen and soon became renowned for their competence in developing strong brands and unique visual identities. The agency was widely known for their skills and had most of the larger Norwegian businesses on their client list.

After more than 20 years as business partners, Anisdahl and Christensen wished to proceed in different directions. Carl Tørris Christensen established Christensen/Lund together with Per Magne Lund. In 1992 Carl Tørris Christensen approached the, at the time, monopolistic dairy producer Norske Meierier. He convinced the CEO that they needed to rethink their marketing strategy just in case Norway should become a member of the EU. As a result Carl Tørris Christensen developed the new brand TINE. This work proved him and the agency as consumer branding specialists and from there on this was the agency to talk to.

In 2000 the agency changed name to BrandHouse Design and in 2002 Carl Tørris Christensen and sons took full ownership of the company. To this day we continue to serve our clients with the always underlying goal of offering sound strategies and compelling concepts in order to get return on design investment.